I am super excited for this weekend! Paul and I did quite the search for the best caterer in town and found them! We are excited to announce that we chose Creations by Catherine Catering! Catherine and Executive Chef Mark Teoli are an incredible team! Creations by Catherine has been serving the community with exceptional catering since 1986 with homemade Italian dishes ... yum yum yum! I can't wait to get over there this weekend for our tasting! From Italian roasted chicken to homemade Italian meatballs ... Sausage and peppers and baked tortellini ... It's all going to be so delicious it will be a hard decision! Next week I'll post some pictures from our tasting and will have you help us decide, so stay tuned :) 

If you are planning an event, call Creations by Catherine Catering "Where old world recipes join exceptional cuisine!" 

You can reach Catherine at 302-494-1324 or email Catherine@Creationsbycatherine.com or visit them online at Creationsbycatherinecatering.com