Just About Everyone Can Agree That Mosquitoes Are More Than A Little Annoying. They Bite, The Bites Itch And The Repellent Stinks. Here Are A Few Facts Behind A Few Mosquito Myths To Help Prevent The Itch And Maintain Your Health:





  • Myth: All mosquitoes bite humans. There are about 3,500 species of mosquitoes. Some feed on plant nectar, some on reptiles, some on birds and others on mammals. Of the species that do bite humans, it is only the females that go for blood -- the protein aids in egg production.


  • Myth: Mosquitoes are attracted to certain foods, colors and blood types. Nothing that you eat affects mosquitoes all that much. You can rest assured that wearing dark clothes probably won't draw mosquitoes to you either. 


  • Myth: Citronella plants and candles will protect you. Citronella is a weak repellent. Citronella candles aren't going to help much either. A breeze or change of wind direction can blow away any protection.