A Las Vegas woman is sifting through hundreds of emails, looking to find the best possible home for Graci, a six-month old, extremely adorable Labrador mix who was abandoned in front of her home by someone in an SUV earlier this month. The whole, disturbing incident was captured on home security video. When the video went viral, Toni Luisi was deluged with email from people offering to take Graci in. The video was taken at about 5:30 in the morning on May 4, and shows a silver SUV pulling up in front of Luisi’s driveway. The heartless occupants of the SUV are not visible in the somewhat grainy video, nor is their vehicle’s license plate. But confused little Graci can be seen clearly. As the SUV stops, someone inside casts the helpless puppy out into the street. The SUV then pulls away, and in the most touching moment of the video, Graci trots after the SUV, with no idea that she will never see her previous family again