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Luke Bryan is seeing his audience grow in a big way.  The country star performed his annual Spring Break concerts in Panama City Beach, Florida Tuesday and Wednesday, drawing more than 230,000 fans to the two shows. 

That's nearly double the number of people who turned out for last year's concerts.  At his 2013 Spring Break shows Luke performed for an estimated total of 120,000.  Bryan's Spinnaker dates coincided with the release of his new EP, "Spring Break 6...Like We Ain't Ever," which is available now. 

Fans who weren't able to attend Luke's Spring Break concerts in person will still get a chance to see some of the action.  Highlights from Wednesday's show will be featured on GAC's "Headline Country" on March 20th, while CMT taped the March 29th episode of "Hot 20 Countdown" at Tuesday's concert. 

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